ATI Radeon R300 Error

By rnbesquire
Jul 1, 2008
  1. Howdy:

    I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 card in my Acer Ferrari (very cool laptop!). When I view a video (e.g., on YouTube) and click "full screen" it plays for 10 seconds, then screen goes black. Vid is still playing but I can't see it. I hit Escape and it returns to smaller mode. Then I get a "Display driver R300 stopped responding and has recovered" error message. I have the latest driver, Acer says its a software problem, and I'm frustrated. Any help out there for me?

    I'd be most grateful!

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  3. rnbesquire

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    WOW, this forum rocks! And CCT, you rule!

    I'd hit dead end after dead end, and was ready to give up. You sent me right to the answer. Muchisimas Gracias! Now I have full screen video, and this Acer Ferrari has an awesome screen!

    I have problem that when > I press full sreen button on any video on any site its goes blank. I am getting > sound but no picture. Can anybody tell me what should be problem.

    Newsgroups: macromedia.flash
    Subject: Re: Blank screen on full screen mode

    Try the following it fixed my problem
    To view video in full screen mode follow these instructions.

    1. While in web video, e.g. MSNBC, CBS, etc.
    Right mouse click and select 'settings'
    2. Adobe Flash Player Settings box is displayed.
    3. Under 'Display' uncheck (deselect) Enable hardware acceleration then close.

    Result: Full screen mode will play video


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