ATI rage 128 pro driver installation problem

By LookinAround
Oct 15, 2008
  1. ATI rage 128 pro driver installation problem (continued)

    So, continuing your thread in thisforum…..

    Just to clarify, technically you’d be “hacking the driver” vs. the card (tho I think that’s what you meant anyway)

    They would want to know about your motherboard and its bus interface requirements for a new card. From the Everest Report and as best I can tell, it’s a Gigabyte GA-6VA7+ (and here's a link). But don’t just take my guess. Best to double check before ordering anything. If you can look at the board:
    • See what’s printed on it
    • And/or at least verify it looks like the board I provided for the Gigabyte board
    You may also want to post a new thread in Hardware: Audio/Video forum to get opinions on
    a) replacing the card and
    b) the value of replacing the card vs. maybe better to start w/new motherboad
    (Personally, don’t know)

    In creating new thread/providing right info see here

    G’luck! :)
  2. Hendrich

    Hendrich TS Rookie

    Yes, sorry if its been 7 days since I last replied, I'm just a lazy guy. :p

    So, I found out that my graphics card sucks and I'll need a new one in order to support D3D on my computer, which was one of the main reasons for all of this stuff to happen in the first place.

    So, I checked, yes that is the number model of my motherboardm, you are officially my god of technology. :D

    So, yea, now its about getting the right video card. I suppose ANY video card is better then thwe one I have right now. The guy in the store reccomenned for me to get an ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512 Mb card for my crappy motherboard. Supposedly my motherboard could only use 50% of the graphic's cards full power, damn. :(

    Well, is that card any good. I mean, I could get a GT 94000 at a lower price. The ATI card costs 85$ (D:) and the 94000 card is about 50$, but its in-compatible with with my motherboard. How much is a good motherboard compatible with a better card? Is the ATI card good? Thx. ;)
  3. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    OK.. So this time is me slow to respond

    Glad to be able to help on the technical (driver) and board issues (even tho i did take you through SP1 along the way!)

    but as far as what board(s) are best suited for your current situation, i'd defer to the all the gamers and people who know difference and suitability of the different options.

    Suggest you read this post then create a new thread with your questions over in the Hardware & Tweaking > Audio and Video forum

    g'luck with your new board!
  4. Hendrich

    Hendrich TS Rookie

    Oh, lol, nvm this. Any store I went to didn't have a damn video card that could fit into th motherboard, blame my PCI slots. -.-

    Well, basically for my motherboard, theres no other better video card to use then the ATI RAG 128 PRO Card (Which is the only card that works), thanks for your help Lookin' Around, I appreciate it. ;)
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