ATITool & finding display properties, settings

By D0u6la5m
Nov 14, 2011
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  1. I am trying to use atitool with evga precision to adjust my video clock.
    when i scan for artifacts i get the following error:

    the video card you selected for overclocking does not seem to be used by windows.
    visual testing has been disabled. to fix this go to Display Properties, Settings and enable the monitor output of the card.

    the problem is i cannot find Display Properties, Settings in order to enable the monitor output.

    Im running windows vista
    nvidia gforce 9500 gt
    evga precision 1.4.0
    atitools 0.26

    i want to optimize my video clock in order to increase my gaming performance

    edit to add:

    after some research I have discovered that atitools does not work in vista therefore i want to ask the comunity if there is another program i can use similar to atitools that will let me scan for artifacts.
  2. D0u6la5m

    D0u6la5m TS Rookie Topic Starter

    answer to my own question.

    there is a beta version of atitools that will work in vista

    i cannot post the link. good luck.

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