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By spintronics
May 13, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    So, my current enclosure recently broke durin transport. (The front panel door snapped off.) I'm looking to replace it.

    This time, I'd like something very functional, but not fancy looking. I don't want windows, etc. I want a basic case, that's easy to work with, quiet, with no front panel door or anything, Front usb/firewire/etc. definitely desired. I'm looking for a basic, sleek, professional look. This thing is going to sit under my desk, it's not a display piece.

    I don't go inside the computer THAT often, but I do change stuff up, so easy component swapping is a plus, but not a requirement. Also, I would like to pack as much stuff in as small a space as possible without risking too much heat. (Mid-tower is ideal.) Needs ATX form factor.

    Any ideas or favorites?
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    The Miss Congeniality of Computer Cases.......

    Th Antec 900 is almost everybody's favorite case...... On sale, w/ free shipping:

    The case has no front door, also top mounted USB, Fire Wire, and sound, great for under the desk access.

    4 fans come stock, they're huge and they cool very well, since they only need to run on low, the case is fairly quiet.

    The unit perhaps looks a little "machiney", but it's not decorated with skulls, demons or other such nonsense. Plenty of room, ATX board capable.

    I think in an office environment, the clear side cover might actually be a bit of a conversation piece.

    I have a Cooler Master in the style that Mathew has suggested, (mine is Matx though), and yeah, it's a bit more understated than the Antec offering. It is also very nice looking. The one "but" might be the bottom location of the power and inputs, if it's placed on the floor.
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    Some of my personal favorites for non-flashey cases are:
    Coolermaster Centuron 5 (also reccomended by matthew)
    (the only flaw I have found is that that it has foam dust filters behind the front pannel that arn't the easiest to clean [you have to remove the pannel] and the included fans are noisey, I have used this case in the past and it is exelent for it's price range)
    Antec NSK 4480B
    (I currently have this case I like the fact that the top and both side pannels are easy to remove provideing exelent access to components the only con is the relatively low end 120mm 3 speed switch controled fan but this is easily replaced. This case also comes with a verry good 380w powersupply [my system was too power hungry to run on that so I keep it as a spare but if you have a low to mid end system It is an exelent PSU])
    LIAN LI PC-7B plus II
    ( If you want to spend the money LIAN LI makes some exelent cases but they are expensive this is their cheapest model and it costs $110 without a powersupply and while the case is soild internal access especially to the powersupply and top two opical drives is not the easiest)
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