Audio Audio Device Cannot Start (Code 10)

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After many many tries and a couple reformats, I've decided to ask for help instead of trying fixes that have yet to work.

I got this laptop about a week ago from Radio Shack. It came with vista preinstalled and had so much stuff I did not want. I wanted XP cause I have had a fair share of experience with both Vista and XP to come to say Vista is a gigantic resource hog. I wanted to go back to XP because I'm an avid gamer and most gamers use XP.

I downgraded and found all the drivers, and my computer flew. EXCEPT, it had no sound.

I've tried drivers for every laptop known to man and have seen many people fix theirs, but to no avail, none have worked.

I've tried the HD hotfix and it is currently installed.

My Computer Specs: Gateway m-1629

* AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0GHz, 512KBx2 L2 Cache), up to 1600MHz HTT
* 250GB SATA hard drive
* ATI Radeon® X1270 with up to 256MB of HyperMemory™
* 8x multi-format dual-layer DVDRW with DVD-RAM
* Integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam
* 3GB DDR2 667MHz memory installed, 4GB maximum supported


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You need to find out the details of your chipset (Northbridge and Southbridge - the Southbridge is, I believe, the critical one re audio.

Then find through Google a mobo that has that sepecific set of chips and try and find XP drivers for that.
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