Audio devices disapear one by one

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May 2, 2013
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  1. First of all I hope this is the right spot for this thread. Apologies if it's not.
    Out of nowhere a while ago my nvidia cards audio connection stopped showing up in the list of playback devices. I tried reinstalling the driver, cleaning the registry, uninstalling the device and driver and reinstalling, and I even tried resetting go.I switched things around and was using the on-board chipset, it was the spdif.

    This is where my post gets interesting.

    In addition to this problem I have been fighting this thing, malware or corrupted registry I don't know, where when I start the computer only a few of the programs that are supposed to start up and I can't open any windows or programs. The wierd thing is it only does it every other start up, and when it does do it windows explorer blinks before I start having the issue. If I am fast I can open any program or window before.
    To fix this problem I have been scanning my computer with registry cleaners, fixers, and anti-malware in safe mode etc. three ways from sunday. I don't know what it was but I think I got it taken care of now.
    In this process, one of the programs I used try to update my old drivers while I was in safe mode, among them my audio drivers. The updated seemed to fail and I have updated all these drivers myself since. After this event though my spdif playback device is no longer in the list. while I was trying to figure out the problem I decided to listen to some music and eliminate some possible problems by using my logitech usb headset. It worked fine until I unplugged the reciever to move it, then it disappeared from the list of playback devices as well. Soon after, dunno when, all of my devices disappeared from the list of playback devices. Device manager see's them all and says they are fine. (it sees multiple nvidia audio devices but I don't think this is related)
    I usually don't turn to forums cause I'm awful at giving back afterward but I am stumped and I like this forum site :). I'll take anything you can give me. Thanks in advance.
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    Firstly, I never reccomend using a registry cleaner. This is because they don't actually do anything good to your computer, they only just remove old links that haven't been used in a while. if its for an old program, then when its next run it may not work. It is always best to just let the unistallers do their work!! :) XD What is the laptop/PC/OS and its specs? :) This can give an idea of what we are working with here! Also, have you tried doing a system recovery? If not go to Accessories, Systems Tools then System Restore. Pick a restore point before you noticed the problems happening (I would go to the earliest one that you can) and try restoring the PC. I woul try this is safe mode first, and see if it has made a difference! :)
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    THanks for your reply. I restored from as far back as I could and it worked...I feel lil stupid. I have windows 7 home premium. My own build, desktop gtx 580 I wonder what it was. And last but not least, I have found reg cleaners to be useful when uninstals go awry at least but thanks for the advice...maybe they where the soucre of my problem.
  4. stonarda

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    That's great! Any more issues, just ask and I'll try to sort them out! :) XD Normally with a lot of problems, the windows restore can 'repair' them, which is one of the advantages over Apple's OS which doesn't have such a feature as far as I am aware. It was likely to be a corrupt driver or something such as that, or even a virus.
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  5. svied

    svied TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for everything.

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