"AutoChk.exe not found"... As XP Boots...

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Feb 27, 2003
  1. xsouldeath

    xsouldeath TS Rookie

    Acronis Partition Expert Trial
    Get it here.

    when resizing partition using Ubuntu Linux,
    I had it installed on virtual

    I got operating system not found error.. even though I resized using free space... so thats the last time I do that ...

    one I did resize, it said OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND

    SAFE MODE, last known good configuration and other stuff will not work..

    1.I BOOTED FROM XP CD, ensuring cd was a boot device.. (on dell inspiron 6400 you press f12 and then select cd-rom from the device list)
    2. see if Repair Installation is available
    if yes.. do a repair installation I guess...
    if no... restart machine, boot from XP cd again, then
    go to RECOVERY CONSOLE (press r when prompted)

    3. in recovery console it should fix c: and say unreadable perhaps... when you try dir ..

    it will say ONLY do this if you can't boot, which should be the case.

    could not load autochk.exe
    now you shoudl be able to see the windows loading screen.
    The problem is a HIDDEN partition.
    when windows loads it will say
    could not load autochk.exe

    Now I have a LAPTOP with no floppy drive, and I wasted a good at least 10 CDs trying to get the thing to boot, and fix what I needed.

    Basically you need any tool that can create a bootable CD(for laptops ..) allowing you to hide or unhide partitions
    i.e. changing the partition type number.


    I am not sure if the trial can burn to a cd, but the professional version can, and then you boot from this CD, and follow the instructions at
    which basically involve changing the partition to NTFS type(assuming it was NTFS originally I guess..)
    if you tried to install Ubuntu Linux the number will be some Linux number like 0x17... so change to 0x07

    Alternate Solution: get a bootable floppy with ptedit and boot from it

    The number here should generally be 07 (hex), meaning the partition is an "Installable File System", in other words a bootable drive. If its anything else its not bootable.

    Using your tab key, tab down to the Type box and hold down ALT + T to open the Set Type menu, then with your keyboard arrow, select 07, tab down to Ok and press Enter

    8) Hold down ALT + S to Save Changes to the partition table and then Press CTRL +C to exit out of the program.

    the problem is if the number is not 07... it is a hidden partition.
  2. Robert McCall

    Robert McCall TS Rookie

    Phantasm66....'Got a Problem', then call....me

    First of all, there is no need to be sarcastic in your reply to an honest question about "autochk.exe". I had the same problem and it was traced to an install and de-install of a "Verizon Suite" to a so-called system protect software.

    Charlie A, aka 'The Equalizer'
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