Auzentech prelude 7.1 RC5 driver needed

By OCZElite ยท 8 replies
May 10, 2008
  1. Hi

    I had to re-install my window due to some errors, however when i gotten to the point of re-installing my sound card driver, and trying to find it on the Auzentech website, they removed the link to download the pre-lude driver and is not back up till may 19.

    So whoever has this card ,and still has this driver, please send it to me via download from megaupload, sendspace.

  2. raybay

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    * Website:
    * Support Website
    The Auzentech drivers are lousy at the moment, and their are none better, although they keep promising that they are working on a fix that will be out anytime... they are plagued with pops and noise and inadequate balance of output.
    But since you don't have any at all, you mighwant to download the ones a this Auzentech website.
  3. OCZElite

    OCZElite TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    How can i download the driver when its removed until may 19 lol? i already sent a ticket as stated in the paragraph they typed up, regarding the issue their causing.
  4. raybay

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    Sorry, no clues. I haven't looked at Auzentech sound for a long time, but with many systems, you can look on the sound card, and write down the id numbers off the larger chips. Then search using those ID numbers or digits and find drivers that work. Those people at Auzentech are under some severe pressure to get this done so it should not take too long. They cannot afford to have people like you mad at the word spreads and the sales die off.
  5. RavenousJesus

    RavenousJesus TS Rookie

    I'm also have the same problem the driver that came with the disk does not work, I've googled and tried all sorts until i found this thread so i am showing some support and hoping someone out there has an early version of the driver that they could upload for us.
  6. OCZElite

    OCZElite TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    The disk one i believe is the Rc4 driver....
  7. kimsland

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  8. OCZElite

    OCZElite TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33 works.
  9. RavenousJesus

    RavenousJesus TS Rookie

    Thank you very much, File downloaded, tested, works well.
    I am now one very happy camper.
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