AVG Free detects Chabge - allow or not?

By gubar
Apr 27, 2008
  1. Hello,

    AVG has found an entry during a scan:

    Object: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Result: Change

    I don't know what to do with it. I've googled it and some have suggested it is nothing at all and should be allowed, others have suggested it is solething to be worried about.

    I think it may have only started to appear after I installed Spybot Search and Destroy the other day. I have installed AVG Free, Spybot SD, Comodo Firewall, and am carefull about what I install apart from one avi convertor about a zeek ago that looked suspect so I got rid of it.

    Any help appreciated,


  2. kritius

    kritius TS Guru Posts: 2,084

    SpyBot automatically makes changes to the Hosts file to block lots of bad sites, that is more than likely what AVG is detecting.
  3. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Accept the change.
  4. gubar

    gubar TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 105

    OK thanks to you both for your quick responses. Couldn't do without this site.


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