Bad Hitachi HDD?

By anddiiss
Jan 5, 2013
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  1. Hello guys, I'm kinda of a newcomer around here. I've been reading threads here very often, as they are full of information and often helpful. The reason why I decided to sign up and describe my own problem, is because nothing I read didn't help me. So, long story short, here goes.

    Yesterday I got my hands on a new CPU cooler, I accidentally broke leg of my old one, so I had to replace it ASAP, and so I did. Shut down my computer, unplugged the cables, and did the job right. Only this time I didn't harm any of CoolerMaster TX3 Evo legs. So after the job was done, I plugged everything back into the PC, started it and boom, POST screen takes unusually long time to detect my HDD. After a minute next screen pops up saying that there weren't detected any HDD. My heart immediately started to beat faster. Restarted computer a couple of times, nothing. POST freezes, then unfreezes and I get the message.

    Then I decided to mess with wiring, replaced SATA cables from my DVD, which was recognized, to the HDD, which wasn't. HDD cables I then plugged into DVD. Nothing. DVD get's detected, HDD won't. I decided to plug out cables from HDD, boom, POST works like a charm, but, as there weren't any HDD connected, I got the old message back.

    The thing is, I've been trying to fix this since yesterday. That HDD holds a lot of very important information to me, week a go I even did a HD Tune check on it, no bad sectors, SMART working like a charm, everything was fine.

    For me, the HDD spins up nice, no clicking, LED light is ON, and it's just all the way lit, it doesn't go away like it did always, like my computer would be trying to read the HDD. I did almost everything, I even took out CMOS jumper, and battery, resetting BIOS didn't help me much. I actually managed to get it detected for a few times, and even booted successfully once, but tried to restart and the problem came back.

    SATA controller is fine, it's turned on, and all of my SATA plugs on the motherboard work.
    Tonight I'll have a closer look to my HDD, I'll try to place it into another system, if it will work there, I will be shocked. PSU is kinda new, so it couldn't be the problem, I bought a nice FSP 400w PSU this summer, old one died.

    My computer specs:
    E5200 2.5ghz (CoolerMaster cooler)
    4 GB's of RAM (4x1GB)
    Sparkle 9800GT (Deepcool cooler)
    FSP 400w PSU
    HDD: Hitachi HDP725025GLA380 (250gb)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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