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By Quantex_rox
Aug 3, 2008
  1. I fired up the ol' 1.7ghz p4 beast at my dad's house. It was very slow to start up xp, its a 1.7ghz with 512 ram, it should go ok with xp right? Well, it got to the desktop and it was changed. It said "Warning! Spybots and viruses detected on your computer" Then it said "Download a anti-spyware software and run it" Now last time i checked, windows dosen't do that, either does S S+D or avast. So I right clicked the desktop to change the wallpaper back, suddenly there is no tab to change the wallpaper or screen saver. Strange... Then, Noticed a new program that i didn't download, something call "AntivirusXP08" And it immediatly came up, saying it found 4 viruses. That was a fast scan! So i closed it, and opened up program files to see if I could find it in there, i tried to delete it from there, but it would say "Access denied," so i went in the file and found 5 files named random numbers and letters, and the file types "LWI" or "MCV," fake. But everytime i deleted them, they came back, even with file shreader from S+D, so I opened up spybot, updated, and ran it. Found 2 entries of RightMedia, and 2 of Microsoft.Windows.Redirectedhosts. Got rid of them, and still nothing. Then I downloaded SUPERantispyware, ran it. It found 88 cases of crap, mostly spyware, and it found the Rouge.Antivirusxp08 and some other crap, that deleted the stupid background, but I still couldn't change the background or screen saver. So I ran Avast fully updated, but every 15 mins or so a BSOD would come up, but it would exit out when you hit enter. I could tell they were fake, they said stuff like "Bogus Driver" or "HKEY NOT CORRECT OR NOT RESPONDING." I ran SUPERantispyware again, and it came up with BSOD.fakebluescreen.joke, so it quarenteened that too. Then those stopped. So I decided to just run spybot again, and sure enough, it came up with one more, Microsoft.Windows.System. I stopped it immediatly, and deleted it. Instantly I could now change the background, and AntiVirusXP08 disappeared, and the files that just kept coming back, I just deleted them, and they haven't come back yet.

    I have one question though, how do you get SUPERantispyware to delete the spyware/maleware? Its just quarenteened now. But I want it gone for good.
  2. SpiritWind

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    Hi :

    As you now know, this is a "Rogue" Program; there has been a FREE program
    developed to SPECIFICALLY "target" these types of programs, called
    "RogueRemover", available at ; I
    recommend you give this program a try .
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