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Bad motherboard or bad PSU?

By emoboy1994
Nov 29, 2011
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  1. recently i had an under voltage and my psu died i changed the psu with the same model and my pc runned fine for 5 hours or so(not continiusly)and my two onboard ethernet ports died also. When i was playing bf3 multi my pc restarted by itself after that i closed the pc and opened it the next day and i played one hour and then BAM again restart. After that i tryed to play again bf3 but the pc was restartin a few seconds when i was getting it to the servers and letter on in when the system was loading. I when it to a tech shop to fix it coz i thot it had a faulty mobo. They didnt find any problem at the pc they had it about 10 hours powered on but it didnt restart so the told me it could be a periferial.when i pluged it to my periferials at home it restarted when the windows where loading so i took the pc box and pluged it inat other periferials and screen i runned fine when i did load it much with many programms. Then i tryed to play bf3 and it restarted again. I booted then to my other os(first OS win 7 and now i was booting vista)i installed origin and did the nessecerally things to make it run but i had the same thing. Then i checked if it was game related but when i joined a server at bc2 after 10 seconds it restarted again so i searched again on the web and found someone else that was trying to play ''high end '' games had his pc restarting aswell and he changed psu and was fine. Luckily when i took the first psu i got an second one to have it if need in the future so i connected that then i started bf3 and it was running for 5 minutes so i closed the pc coz i was thinking if a faulty mobo can make the psu also faulty. I have the idea for a faulty mobo cos the 2 lan ports are dead. § 1 so can a faulty mobo can cause to make an psu faulty also? § 2 if not then can only the 2 ethernet ports are bad and the rest of the mobo ok? If yes could it be the psu faulty from the favtory? then how i was able to play the game atleast for some hours at the biggining? Currently i have the pc clossed because im afraid to make the second psu also faulty. §thanks in advice for reading

    please answer me first at if a new psu can get damaged from a bad motherbooard. thankx
  2. Jawshh

    Jawshh TS Enthusiast Posts: 392

    You forget to mention some stuff about your PSU and mobo.
  3. lipe123

    lipe123 TS Evangelist Posts: 718   +236

    Also what video card are you using?

    just list all your system specs cos clearly the one in your profile cant be right.
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Tech shops are going to have a hard time diagnosing a motherboard... You didn' t tell us the brand of the computer, but my bet is on a replacement motherboard... which may also give you problems with the operating system detecting it and refusing to run.

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