Banned from Google+, Anonymous creates Anonplus

By Emil ยท 105 replies
Jul 16, 2011
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  1. Anonymous social networking?
    Terrible idea, just because they feel butthurt. There really is no other reason.
  2. "seems like these guys are getting less popular every day "

    Seems like Mindwraith is a clever name for posting propaganda. Call me paranoid, but I'm going to form my own opinions about Anonymous, and avoid any notion of whether they are popular or not. It matters little whether they are popular, if they are right.

    That said, it matters somewhat more if they are tactful and rhetorically skilled. At the very least, their reliance on "cliche" is imitation of some talented rhetoric, even if it's a bit shaky imitation thereof.
  3. I would want to remain anonymous as well if I put a random preposition on the end of a sentence on.
  4. Autonomous collective are we? Who dictates who they attack? Is it determined at a biweekly meeting?

    I point you to Monty Python's scene 3 script:
  5. Your main social skill is corporate **** sucking. Don't be so greedy when swallowing, you may choke yourself.
  6. I agree with Anon's idea of freedom of information. I believe in transparency in Government. While I have to admit there are some things that should not be public, a lot of the "classified" information is not life threatening.

    Those who wish to stay in the dark, watch your censored and spun Fox news and MSNBC. I choose to know what's really going on in the world.
  7. This is *****ic, there's already pidder if you really need an anonymous social network, why do it from scratch again? I bet this project gets abandoned in a month.
  8. A social network is the perfect honeypot to gather personal info and ip addresses. I doubt Anon will fall for it.
  9. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,308   +1,401

    You really just made that comparison? I'm sure you feel special thinking you know something no one else does
  10. funny, they want to be Anonymous but their against censorship
  11. how much wood, can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? answer anyone?
  12. haha!!! stupid... can't be anonymous when a domain needs credit card to buy it. Even if its not them, then its someone who knows someone.... and on and on... the main figure heads will get got and will get prosecuted....
  13. good point on the anonymous thing...

    anonymous: we don't believe in hiding information and censorship

    public: then who are you?

    anonymous: sorry that's classified

  14. excellent,i2p2 torrent based annon social networking and hopefully included file sharing etc...
  15. wow..all you small minded people who make snap judgements. You people don't know which way is up even when others next to you are standing upright.

    "Next up, by popular demand, Marshal Law!"
  16. *martial.

    Christ. If you can't even spell the things you oppose why should we follow you?
  17. troll victim
  18. Anyone who doesn't like you is a sociopath. Get over yourself.
  19. The article's title is rather misleading. They haven't created anything yet. They haven't even decided on what kind of technology platform to use, their forum banner has been pulled from photobucket for exceeding bandwidth, and hell, their forum is a lame freebie forum.

    This isn't anything at all right now; it just looks like a bunch of kiddies who went BAW!!! after their Google+ accounts were closed and now they want some attention. Expect nothing to come from this. Pathetic.

    Come back to this topic after there is something to report.
  20. They now have your IP address, watch your computers very carefully
  21. Anonymous might have some means and methods I don't agree with, but the US Army/military/intelligence outfits do also. I guess the people "protesting" about Anonymous' actions don't have any sense of history, or the history of the Internet (which I do, having been a netizen for over 25 years now, pre-web and etc).

    They do not seem to understand the actions of Anon in revealing how carelessly handled our personal data is; how it is made the problem of the consumer when a bank's or company's abyssmal, stupid and technically-lazy "security" is shown to be little better than a PR gimmick; when banks and corporations will sell my data to each other or anyone else with 25$ to spend, not checking my references (try it yourself).

    Perhaps Anon is not ignorant of the network as a communications platform and refuses to buy into the media corporation's attempts to reduce the net to a mere broadcast-only, one-way push medium for advertisers. Perhaps they are well-read in the history of the printing press and the attempts to suborn, contain and eliminate a free press movement. Perhaps they actually understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and how they apply to online communication.

    Perhaps Anon is tired of trying to "work through the System" when such efforts are pretty much a joke now because "The System" is thoroughly suborned, when you can buy a Congresscritter or lobbyist through "campain contributions" you don't have to report. Perhaps Anon understands the noble history of protesting the invading forces of oppression and censorship.

    It isn't Anonymous who's hacking your little kiddie Facebook profile. It's Anonymous who is showing you that corporation's lip-service to "security" is so much hot air and that corporations, far from caring about security, are part of the problem of data security, wholesale inside job breaches, internal theft and leak and ridiculous "security measures."

    Maybe the people protesting about Anonymous should do a little historical reading and comprehension, both about the history of the internet as a whole, and the thoughts of the men who made it (Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, John Perry Barlow and etc). Then perhaps I will listen to them, but not when someone's "opinion" is just that; an empty opinion without any basis to form it expect "I think this is what it is." That's not an opinion; that's an asertion with nothing to base it on; ie, it's meaningless noise.

    Miso Susanowa
  22. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Publicly releasing user account information is in fact not someone who is on OUR side.. at least not on mine.

    They could easily do this in private spaces, scare companies and make news on a regular basis. They don't need to hurt innocent people in the process, which irrevocably happens almost every time they get involved.
  23. Anonymous have their own agenda - it is freedom only if it is easy enough to do, safe and have large media impact.
  24. wow..all you small minded people who make snap judgements. You people don't know which way is up even when others next to you are standing upright.

    "Next up, by popular demand, Martial Law!"
  25. "anon" claims that their new network will support 'true' free speech without censorship. But lets be honest, based on their past behavior, I have no doubt that "anon" will have no reservations about censoring people on their network that disagree with them or are in opposition to them. In short...they're going to build their own little clubhouse so they can enjoy the power to choose who is worthy to speak and not in their fiefdom.

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