Banned from Google+, Anonymous creates Anonplus

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Jul 16, 2011
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  1. The fact that profiles related to Anonymous get removed from sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, proves that their presumptions on the direction the internet is heading, from an entity encouraging free speech, towards an entity controlled and censored by governments, is spot on. People might not comply with the means they bring attention to it, but they are fully in their right to bring this to the surface, and fight for their, my, and your right to say whatever pleases. The current development of the Internet is frightening, as there seem to be a central branch of governments that has agreed to suppress what they don't agree with through strict moderation and censorship. Wake up!
  2. captaincranky

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    Tea Overboard...!

    Tea Overboard.
    Listen, you have a whole island "empire" dedicated to the sole purpose of jambing your collective nose up your royal's a**. Then you have Rupert Murdock to "shove" you in the right direction.

    So please, don't pass judgment on the US as being the only country suffering from infatuation with the rich and famous. In fact, I think your country spawned that class-hole, "Robin Leach", then inflicted him on us. Was that revenge for the Boston Tea Party?
  3. Why is their even a registration and a user name etc needed if it's all supposed to be anonymous?
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    Maybe you can just sign in as "guest"...:rolleyes:

    Is currently being attacked and access is difficult. Shadowy government organizations are suspected.

    Clearly this idea is a good one and should be focused on.

    Build a truly Anon Social Network (ASN)

    Think 4 Chan on drugs, with all the benefits and organizational abilities of modern SN without any of the governmental control based on a decentralized P2P network.

    This will be our greatest weapon. Our actions will echo throughout eternity.

    The death knell of the current political/corporate power structure is being sung with every new line of code.
  6. Somebody please shut down the internet so these losers can go back into complete non-existence.
  7. Cool story /bro
  8. romgod9208

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    too many guests there...could you guys go outside, take some fresh air?? take off your butt from PC and do something? I mean seriously you anonymous people are weird.
  9. romgod9208

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    lol, who is under "our"? what you expect to bring in exchange of the current system? Anonymous have nothing in return, I'll better stick up with our government, even though it's f***ed up beyond belief, at least I know what it takes to deal with, and how to get control on your life/liberty/whatever under old good Obama/Harper or anything else. BTW anonymous=troll, right on the spot.
  10. I will never have a Facebook account. is a total waste of time, effort, and server space. However, the dopes that DO make Facebook what it is, have made Mark (the bully) pretty dinkin rich. (56 bil?)
  11. You do not make a deal with the devil you CAST HIM OUT!

    There are a multitude of alternatives to our current governments. Just look at the American constitution. If it was followed, it would be a great country.

    Sadly it is not.

    We need only look to those documents for suggestions.

    You may Lulwhat all you want. You are a sheep, you are a slave, your thoughts are of little concern to me because you choose to have no power.

    I choose to be powerful, I choose to be free!
  12. The guy who keeps posting anonymously to rail on Anonymous (pun intended) is obviously one of those shitheads who believe everything said on Fox News is as true as if God said it himself. He obviously has not done his research, instead he just parrots back whatever bullshit the government and corporate-sponsored media has fed into his mind. Or he could even be an agent of the government trying to spread dissent among the ranks of the "enemy"... though I doubt that because he's done nothing but epic fail in that respect.

    He's one of those people who have been conditioned to believe that anyone who acts against the government, no matter how minor the act is, is a terrorist and an enemy of the United States. Well then, I guess that would make our greatest enemy of the state... let's see here... the United States Government themselves! After all, during the last century they've been twisting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to try and get enough power behind the government that they can toss out whatever's left and institutionalize a police state. Hell, we're halfway there already, just listen to all of the stories of activists and protesters getting arrested in the US, sometimes with unnecessary force. Of course, you'd never hear about such stories on Fox News because they're "un-American."

    I support Anonymous's mission, and while their methods at times can be nonconducive to said mission, I'd rather people use their hacking abilities to do something good like they do, as opposed to stealing people's account info, etc. which they do not unless it's a person who deserves it (such as the CEO of HBGary cybersecurity firm who said he was going to hunt down Anonymous). Because let's face it, without people like Anonymous fighting against the government, we'd already be as bad as China. I'm not an anarchist - I believe a central government is necessary for any country and it's citizens to survive - but I do believe that without the intervention of citizens, a government will eventually grow to abuse the power it's been given. This is what's happening to America this very minute. We need to put the government in their place, and Anonymous has so far been doing a brilliant job. Keep up the good work.
  13. Sure thing bro. Not only will that deprive everyone of their email, Facebook, Paypal, online shopping, and other things, but it will keep fail trolls like you from spreading your stupid.
  14. captaincranky

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    And yet here you are, another nameless windbag, with mighty bluster and b*** s*** for breath..

  15. Oh look! Another namefag who replies to well constructed arguments with profanity and namecalling. Care to rub more than 2 brain cells together next time?
  16. captaincranky

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    Not on your behalf.

    Is this you....? Because this isn't a "well constructed argument"....
    This is repetitive, banal, self aggrandizing, power phrasing given to us by someone in the throes of a manic episode. This is a textbook example of, "paranoid delusions of grandeur" fueled by the anonimity of the internet. It isn't original, it has no merit, other than to someone infatuated with the sound of their own voice. This is simply crap, pieced together from every delusional street corner prophet, and insignificant, unknown revolutionary.

    Now why don't you; eat some high sucrose food, down a couple of cokes, and polish your jewels into a Captain America comic book. That will give all parties involved a well earned and necessary respite. from you egomaniacal ranting.
  17. as if I'd ever trust this bunch with my information lol
  18. captaincranky

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    With "guests" it's always about themselves. Why would you think we'd even want it?
  19. mailpup

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    It seems this thread may be wobbling off topic. It's time to stop personal comments, okay? Anymore posts containing flaming or personal comments may disappear into the ether.
  20. DokkRokken

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    Question? If life is what 'you' make it, then why is Anon "making it" for us? If we're supposedly sheep, then why is Anon sounding just like another shepherd? Plus, wouldn't this require real, cohesive and dare I say, 'corporate' attitude to work?

    I really wish they'd flesh out the details, instead of trying to make an epic out of some very ordinary issues.

    Either way, good luck on their venture. I prefer to just not use a social network in the first place. I'd say that's a better guarantor of online anonymity.
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  22. "This is one social network that will not tolerate being shut down, censored, or oppressed - even in the face of blackout," an Anonymous spokesperson wrote in a statement. "We the people have had enough…enough of governments and corporations saying what's best for us - what's safe for our minds. The sheep era is over. The interwebz are no longer your prison."

    Till all the net providers simply block your IPs across the routers and remove entries on the DNS servers and that kills that site.
  23. Also if I can take a minute to make a point on ip address tracking as a method for governments and various law enforcement agencies, to catch cyber criminals, is and always will be, for the most part uneffective and flat out unreliable. In the sense that ALL networks can be penetrated. What about Open and public Wi-Fi? I have the know how to go to a Dunkin Donuts and download illegal content, Chances of me getting caught on my first attempt, and this is a guess, I'm going to say ZERO. Maybe the Dunkin Donuts manager gets a call from his ISP a couple days later. That being said, I support free and open internet access for all people on this planet.
    So I went checked it out signed up even!!! Hold on the F.B.I. just knocked on my door, no sorry, just kidding!

    Sure they ring up the shop you were at ask the manager for the video at the times you were using the net from that shop and see you on your laptop at the shop, then the local cops just keep an look out for a person that matches the description.

    It's not hard to find people via IP addresses, also your computers MAC address etc would be logged on the shops router log etc then the ISPs router logs.

    It's just a matter of time.

    Look at the UK kid he was picked up in 72 hours after hacking the FBI site the second time around.

    Every packet on the net has the return info even if you use a shops network if they have cameras then the cops will have visual evidence of you hacking into places, if you use a proxy they just packet sniff the proxy waiting for your MAC address to pop up in packets and the IP range/IP that you used.

    It's piss easy to do this stuff it's not like to can pop into a TOR network and suddenly become Anon on the net the net the cops/fbi packet sniff the TOR entry/exit servers and pick up people that way even RIAA and MPAA do that stuff to pick up people for law suites in P2P cases.

    Nothing is Anon on the net because the net is made to be completely open to everyone, every packet can be opened the going to and returning IP is in every single packet HOPs can be in packets, routers can be checked for your IP across heaps of ISPs without you even knowing about it.

    Even your post on here will have logged your IP on this web server, any web trackers/stat programs/servers and those show a heap of stuff like where the came from and what address your going to when leaving this site and you probably think the above hasn't happened, lulz to that.

    People who think they are Anon on the net don't really understand the net and just how open it really is.

    Using the net is like going to the mall and shouting out about every little thing you are going to do.
  24. This is so ****ing stupid. Anonymous are just the douchebags responsible for "chanalogy" and other shitty attempts at attention whoring, they're a bunch off morons that took"we are legion" way too seriously.
  25. So it's like Freenet? Hopefully it won't be as slow.

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