Battery support for 750VA UPS

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Jan 5, 2010
  1. I have a small 750VA UPS which i use to safely shut down computer.The backup is about 5-8 minutes.We are having power shortage and thinking of battery backup but not much cash for inverters.My question is that do my UPS support those large battery(cars and bigger one like 120amp etc,don't have knowledge sorry).How much amp of battery do my UPS support?I calculated my computers' power consumption and it's around 230watt(with 9800GT,not sure)+36Watt monitor.So can i only get battery or my UPS too weak and need inverter?
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    As long as it is 12V DC you can use any battery you want. There are a few things online about using a car battery for the battery backup. You may want to use a 'deep cycle' marine battery (although I don't know the availability of marine batteries in Nepal). There are probably other 'deep cycle' batteries other than marine.. Anyway, unless it is in a pretty well ventilated place you'll want to avoid unsealed batteries, which include most car batteries, because of hydrogen gas buildup (and perhaps H2S).

    Depending on the battery you may (probably will) lose the ability to correctly monitor how much life you have left in the battery when running the electronics.
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    first of all thankx for the interest/reply.I don't know about marine battery but we have good big batteries available here.So basically i can use any 12v battery then without concerning how much my UPS can handle?Is their any risk connecting this battery instead of internal UPS battery?and how am i gonna lose tha ability to monitor my battery life?Is it due to changing the battery?
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    Yep, will work with any 12V DC source, so any 12V battery. There is no risk other than the gas release from an unsealed battery, and that shouldn't be an issue unless you have it in an enclosed area (like a box or a closet).

    I don't know for sure but I'd guess you'd just lose the ability to monitor because the UPS's software is expecting it to be a small battery, also if you switch to a different battery type the discharge rates are going to be different so it may throw off the software. You can probably calculate by hand roughly how long it would last. You may get lucky and have it report correctly, I just don't think it will.
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    thankx for the info.That clears some of my doubt.
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