Battery will not charge

By russc23
Feb 13, 2010
  1. I recently purchased two battery's for different dell laptops. One laptop has a flashing red battery sensor light on the laptop. It keeps appearing but with the old battery it did not appear. I don't know what this means.
    this laptop is a Dell XPS M148

    The other laptop was working fine and then one day it did not detect the ac adapter so it would not charge. Then we believed that the battery had died because every time I unplugged the charger the laptop would instantly turn off. So I bought a new battery hoping that was the problem but it wasn't. The laptop still wont charge and every day the battery percent keeps decreasing. My dad thinks that the charge card is the problem, and it is the reason why the laptop won't charge. I'm not sure what is though and what I should do.
    This laptop is a Dell inspiron 9300

    I bought both batteries from
    I bought a different battery from them for a different laptop a year ago and that laptop works fine.
  2. bryanloss

    bryanloss TS Rookie

    Have you tried using a different ac cable?
  3. russc23

    russc23 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I have tried multiple ac adapters.
  4. sfigmo

    sfigmo TS Rookie

    I have a friend who had the same problem with a Compaq. The problem was the charge card indeed, but the guy who discovered this, first tested the baterry bay connections, pins, ribbons etc.
    Maybe you should try that too.
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