Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Review: Cool, quiet and roomy

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Nov 21, 2014
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  1. be quiet silent base case review

    Formed in 2006 with a mission to make premium power supplies and cooling solutions for your desktop PC, Be Quiet! says it's Germany's top PSU maker with a massive range covering the ATX, SFX and TFX form factors including models spanning from just 300w to 1200w. The company has also put together a small collection of impressive CPU air-coolers.

    Although this is Be Quiet!'s first case, it was designed over more than a year entirely in-house at Germany -- something the company is proud of. Be Quiet! not only applied what it learned about high-quality cooling and fan solutions in the past, it also brought in world renowned case experts.

    When developing the Silent Base 800, the company says it emphaized function over form with a goal of achieving the best cooling performance possible at ultra low noise levels while still offering ample space for high-end components.

    Be Quiet! says the internal structure and ultimately the exterior design of the case has evolved from this objective and, of course, we're here to see how successful company's the engineers were at meeting those constraints.

    Read the complete review.

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    Love these product reviews, incredibly informative!
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  3. Lionvibez

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    Agreed this is a nice looking case also.
  4. Another option if you don't need more than 500W are the fanless power supplies. There are 4 companies that offer solutions. One is from Seasonic and one from Silverstone that is based on Seasonic PS. The second one is from Kingwin and there is also one from Roseville that is based on the Kingwin PS.
    Search on for the following article no:

    Silverstone N82E16817256108
    Roseville N82E16817182169
    Seasonic N82E16817151122
    Kingwin N82E16817121083
  5. Can't say I like the design of the case, but they definitely make awesome fans. I've got a few in my white 600T, because the case isn't designed for quiet.. but these fans make a big difference.

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