Belkin 54g wireless not working in windows xp pro

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Apr 17, 2008
  1. I guess the title says it all.I installed win xp pro 1 hour ago.I went into gpedit.msc changed somethings as i was installing the driver i though was gonna work (driver 3) from belkin driver support I burned to **** along with 3 others just in case.anyway i locked myself out of pretty much all the settigns.booted to safe mode and changed everything back the way it was now I can access windows tabs and files.but still the driver or the belkin 54 g usb windows xp pro says unknown hardware.ANY way you can let me know what I need to do besides spend money on new modem?the link to the right driver or something i need to changein xp pro.this is my first time on pro so i'm not real sure whats new.
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    yes... i think you're seeing another manifestation of a little known problem that i never realized until recently between xp sp2 and USB 2.0 (never seen it on my computer but found it looking at a friend's machine and then have seen some suspicious/symptomatic problems on TechSpot - like yours).

    i know u've tried everything else.. so just give this a shot and please report back yea or nay. I'm taking a guess here and want to know myself.

    • Power down your computer.
    • Disconnect every USB device (including any usb keyboard/mouse)
    • Disconnect every other external device cables.
    • Physically unplug all power cords to your computer from power sources/plugs
    • Wait at least an hour
    • Hook it all up and give it a shot. Your computer start recognizing USB devices again?

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    By the way, to be clear, that means unplugging every power cord to every device on your system
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    I think it's a driver problem.It finds he usb connection but don't knwo what it is.I should hae the latest driver but when looking at support it doesn't show anythign for win xp pro only xp.I have to egt xp home back or buy another modem.It's my old pc i'm working on for my kid.I had xp home on it but couldn't get it actiivated and had to do the windows+u to get on it but the internet worked just fine.will have to go back to that.I lost my xp key that is on the case :( but if you know where to get a driver at!!!hey that would be cool
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    ***** Removed a post that seemed to have been added twice (was an issue with my browser i didn't realize). Just look at next post ******
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    i understand what you're saying (i think) but look at it this way: if you try this experiment even if just for "what the heck" to try it, it costs you nothing but a small effort (disconnecting cables and power cords / wait an hour /reconnect cables and power cords) and can have a rich and money saving reward. just a recommendation given (i believe) small time / effort invested for its potential.

    And btw.. connecting a device to usb and windows never recognizing the usb device is exactly one of the manifestations of the USB / XP problem i described. That doesn't mean its has to be behind your problem.. but there really is a reasonable chance.

    just passing this along...

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    That is, remove cables AND all power cords, again, to clarify.
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