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Jan 1, 2009
  1. right i own a xp computer but for christmas i got a Dell Inspiration 1525 laptop. i had no problem setting up the belkin G router wireless. it connected right away, took me 5 mintues. but some websites like google didn't work and Msn messenger kept signing me out every 5 miniutes. i thought it was the Belkin software so i unstalled it and installed it numorus times, but it made no differnce, so i thought that it was the xp computer because it didn't have any antivirus software, so i installed the Mcafee 30 day trial onto the computer, then about 3 hours later, my internet went perfect! but the xp computer's internet didn't work at all, so i unstalled the mcafee software and installed the AVG antivirus. now the internet works perfectly on the xp computer but not at all on the Dell laptop. any ideas on what i should do, or how i can fix this?
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    Is the Dell Laptop running Vista? If so make sure you have downloaded all the Vista updates, including Service Pack 1. Just because the laptop is new to you, it could have been sitting in its box on a store shelf for months
  3. rdee09

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    i did it

    yes i have upgraded everything on the vista laptop and on the xp.
    and it didnt really help, but thanks anyway. all i did was i went on the command promt, typed in ipconfig/all then copyed the ip adress. pasted it in my web broweser. thn the belkin page came up. and i just reset the facotry defaults. :):D
  4. Tmagic650

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    Good work rdee09,
    I suggested making sure all the updates were done only because, most new laptop owners assume everything is updated when they buy a laptop. They also expect that a trial antivirus or MS Office program will run forever
  5. dblam

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    May have to check to see if Belkin has a Vista patch.
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