Best action-RPG you've ever played

By rudralande881 · 47 replies
Mar 16, 2011
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  1. Eigfrost

    Eigfrost TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - good call :)

    Dragon Age was very enjoyable too, I thought... pretty much anything Bioware ;-)

    Oh and Torchlight is well worth a look if you like Diablo style games....
  2. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 819   +343

    Except for the petulant patch war that's still going on in the background.

    Would've been really nice if Troika were allowed to finish VTM:B though. That would've been worth every penny paid for it.
  3. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    Deus Ex rocked. I loved the first on on the PS2. #2 not as much. Hoping the 3rd one is done well.

    Other than that I loved Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. Mass Effect 2 is the bestest American RPG I have played so far. I normally hate American RGP's, but I loved ME2 :D.
  4. freythman

    freythman TS Booster Posts: 113   +10

    I suspect I'll be breaking this one back out soon!
  5. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Posts: 482

    Oblivion & Morrowind - heavily modded OFC.

    I own The Witcher:EE, Borderlands GOTY, they aren't bad.

    Dragon Age: Origins with all DLC is very good.
  6. Khanonate

    Khanonate TS Booster Posts: 134   +21

    Diablo, waiting for Diablo3
  7. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    Champions of Norrath and Champions: Return to Arms are the best ARPGs of all time.

    There's a distinction between an ARPG and an RPG that's based around whether the game is streamlined to get you into the action or not. ARPGs are typically less about character building and more about getting in and actually playing the game, so Oblivion an Morrowind aren't really ARPGs.
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Oblivion is, but Morrowind isn't certainly.
  9. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    Oblivion is definitely an action RPG... it's almost exactly like Fallout 3 in terms of game design

    i was never real big on oblivion (due to the fact i sucked at it) but FO3 literally took over my life in late 2008 lol
  10. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,069   +218

    zelda link to the past single player
    diablo 2 multi

    i cant get into zelda type games anymore im addicted to multiplayer
  11. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,535   +51

    Not so sure about the 'action' aspect of things but...

    Final Fantasy XII
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3 and 4 (These do have action!)
  12. tomemkd

    tomemkd TS Rookie

    World of Warcraft still the best
  13. R3DP3NGUIN

    R3DP3NGUIN TS Booster Posts: 152   +10

    Star Wars The Old Republic, will soon be the best.
  14. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,376   +286

    Mass Effect 2, simply flawles game. Dragon Age:O was fun and all but I am more of a sci-fi guy :p
  15. tomemkd

    tomemkd TS Rookie

    Today i try Final Fantasy 14 anyone play this game?
  16. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Posts: 482

    Everyone says it is the worst MMO ever, especially since it it not free. Try FFXI.
  17. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    It's rubbish compared to the first game. Repetitive, boring and too dumbed-down to be called an RPG.
  18. HellGamer2000

    HellGamer2000 TS Rookie

    Gothic series

    Does any one remember Gothic series,except Gothic 3 and 4 they suckz.
    They where my favorite RPG's ever,brings back the nostalgia :(
  19. tehbanz

    tehbanz TS Enthusiast Posts: 183   +10

    it's still free, it's free until they "Fix it" as deemed by the community, pretty cool eh?
    well, regardless, i bought FFXIV day 1 and disliked it. played FFXI for about 5+ years.

    Either way best Action RPGs

    Kingdom Hearts
    Star Ocean series
    Rogue Galaxy
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (gamecube) if you managed to have 4 friends, with 4 game boy advances, and 4 of those weird *** link cables this game was fun as hell - if not, it was the worst **** ever.
  20. NoTTaShoT

    NoTTaShoT TS Rookie Posts: 51

    Mass Effect series hands down. Great story and plenty of action.

    I will note that ME1 is more story driven then ME2. ME2 is more shooting and less story driven.
  21. trifectangum

    trifectangum TS Rookie

    Lost Odyssey I don't know why really, but that game always brings back memories I loved playing it so much... took me forever to beat.. That's what I love in video games though.
  22. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    For the P.C. I would have to think that the game Neverwinter Nights was the best one I've played.
  23. Kieron0569

    Kieron0569 TS Rookie

    Final Fantasy X

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