Best Buy starts offering free shipping for the holiday season


TS Rookie
Best Buy has caught the Walmart bug. What we mean to say is that Best Buy has decided Walmart's plan to offer free shipping for the holidays is such a good idea that the retailer has done the same. Until December 21, which by the way is one day later than Walmart's deal, will feature free online shipping.

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TS Enthusiast
I've purchased so much stuff online I've actually started paying attention to the shipping costs. I've seen prices on Amazon that are cheaper than say Best Buy, but the shipping puts the costs well over what Best Buy would so then I buy the item from Best Buy. Once you find the item you want it really only takes you as long as it would to actually drive to a store to find 5 other places offering for competing prices. Yay for no shipping and no in store pick up fee.


However, if you buy a LOT of stuff from Amazon, the Prime membership gets you free 2-day shipping on many things and cheap overnight. Pays for itself quickly in my experience.