Best motherboard for tri-SLI?

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Dec 23, 2010
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  1. The title says most of it. What is the best motherboard for 3-way SLI with a core i7 (preferably 9xx)? I would like to start with two gtx 465's (or 460's if they can go 3-way) and leave room for upgrade in the future. I also would like 6 DIMM slots if I can get one for under $250-$265. The 6 slots would be nice, but 4 really would be okay if it would cost a lot more. Thanks.
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    i don't think there exists a Triple SLI board with a x16(3) configuration. this means that two of the cards with only run @ x8 speeds while the main card will run at the full x16. you'd be better off with two GTX 460's (or 465) and a reasonably powerful power supply. most boards that support DDR3 will have 6 DIMM slots because they are triple channel boards. you don't need to buy a triple channel kit (3 sticks vs 2) but the option is there if you need it.

    what is your budget and what would you like to use the computer for?
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    Hi Win,
    the GTX 460's are only capable of 2 way SLI, second the 465's are throwing money down the chute, the card was a mistake to begin with, better to wait for a tri capable version of the 5xx series. thirdly, in order to get triple channel function you need a 1366/x58 board. fourthly, don't bend your brain trying to find a x16/x16/x16 PCIE configuration, you wont find one, you need to jump to one of the few ultra high end x4 way boards for that. and you don't lose any performance running your cards on an X8 slot.

    ***** here is a good post by DBZ about multi card setups to read (not the part about wasting the time on the board, but the scaling and power req's of multi {more than two } card setups)
  4. Greg S

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    Thanks for the help guys. I do like the board provided in the link. It will definitely fit my needs. I will also take into consideration the comment about the 465's. I didn't research a ton on them, but I will definitely look for other options. I just thought it would be a fairly cheap way to get up to tri-SLI. Does it make a difference in performance whether the cards are in sli or not? Assuming the game or application would still recognize and be able to use all the cards.
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    No, they have to be in SLI mode. The purpose of SLI/Crossfire other than doubling the computing power/capacity is to distribute the rendering duties evenly in AFR (alternative frame rendering) and they need to be linked to do so. (there are other methods of shared rendering, AA, scissor, ect, but they default to AFR for speed sake) If not the graphic rendering will only be carried out by the lead card, and the other will sit idle. ...unless you are doing folding work.
    Here is an article on it if your interested.,1131-5.html

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