Best Non-Outlook Email Client?

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Oct 13, 2014
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  1. I need to move 8 of my email accounts to a different PC that already has MS Outlook running on it with a number of other email addresses that I need to monitor. I would prefer not to add the new email addresses to Outlook and would prefer to access them on a separate email client. What are the best choices in this regard? Obviously, Outlook and the client would need to play nice with each other, but that shouldn't be a problem, these days should it? I ask because the last time I needed to do this, I used Outlook and Eudora and they did not have any issues with each other, even running simultaneously. Yes, I know, I am getting old...:)

    I don't think that it exists, but an email client that works with Outlook calendar invites would be ideal.

  2. JohnCB

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    I've been using Thunderbird for years and have yet to find anything to replace it. At this point I've migrated all of my accounts over to it and have nothing bad to say about.

    As for calendars, I don't really know if you can integrate the Outlook calendar to it. There is an extension called "Lightning". That will integrate with Google calendar but that's as far as I've ever had to go with setting up a calendar in Thunderbird.

    And for the record... I followed a near identical upgrade path as you did from the late 90s Eudora to Outlook (up to 2007) then finally just jumped ship. Haven't looked back.
  3. NetCablesPlus

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    Thanks, John. I have been hearing a lot about Thunderbird. I am assuming that there should be no conflicts with MS Outlook running concurrently on the same machine for different email accounts?
  4. JohnCB

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    I don't recall ever having any sort of conflict between the two and there's even quite a few tools out there to migrate data from one client to the other should you so desire.
  5. SNGX1275

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    I haven't ran Thunderbird in years, but since it just polls a server there should be no issue with it running at the same time as Outlook. Suppose it depends on the server.. If you are going to be running both at the same time you don't want one pulling mail from the server and removing it off the server..
    Thunderbird should be able to import an exported Outlook calendar.
  6. jobeard

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    I second the motion re Thunderbird - - runs even on the wife's Mac. I also use it when the typical user finds the PST has grown > 2gb or when OL is crawling.

    Windows 7 has a calendar - - just add it as a feature. Does not play games with scheduling meetings amongst the friends, but does support 'calendar groups' eg Holidays, Person, whatever you want and you pic the colors for each too
  7. gavinoscur

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