Best OC mobo for PCIe 2.0

By tainle
Jun 6, 2008
  1. Hello to TechSpot community. I am glad to be part of the community. I hope to learn more about computer with the community and be able to help with members that need help.

    I have a little question, what is the best overclocking motherboard that commonly use for intel cpu. I have a quad core Q6600, and planning to get pcie 2.0 express video card. so what is the best oc intel mobo for quad core and compatible with pcie 2.0? i am looking at P5E asus mobo, are there any better one?

  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    PCI-E 2.0 cards work in regular PCI-E slots as well, without any performance penalties. So you can use any motherboard out there that supports your CPU and has a PCI-E slot. The ASUS P5E is a great board however, for overclocking, I'd recommend the DFI BloodIron P35-T2RL and the Abit IP35 Pro.
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