Best value for money 1TB Hard drive?

By Schmutz
Jul 13, 2009
  1. Hi, I am buying a new hard drive for my computer and would like to know what the best deals are at the moment

    I have seen a lot of ecogreen models recently, but it looks like they operate at slower 5400rpm compared to the usual 7200rpm. I would opt for performance over noise/power consumption as I will be using the drive to access huge files and playing games

    I'm not sure what bearing RPM/Cache size has on the performance. My budget is around £60 and my current picks are:

    Samsung EcoGreen F2 1TB (5400rpm/32MB cache) - £58.99

    Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive (5400rpm/32MB cache) £62.99

    Hitatchi Deskstar 1TB (7200rpm/16MB cache) £54.99
  2. SNGX1275

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    If I had to guess I would say the Hitachi Deathstar is your best buy. Faster RPM but lower cache. Accessing large files is where the higher spin speed should help you. Large cache is good, but I think in games you'll burn through that 32Megs of cache before you'll even notice, so again spin speed is where it matters.

    I am just making an educated guess though, I have not seen real benchmarks for these drives. You might want to check out to get some benchies for those drives.
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