Bethesda announces reimagined 'Wolfenstein' action-adventure game

Shawn Knight

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Bethesda Softworks today revealed a reimagined, action-adventure version of the classic first-person shooter Wolfenstein. Known officially as Wolfenstein: The New Order, the “what if?” title puts players in control of an American war hero named B.J. Blazkowicz in a world...

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Hmmm, this isn't dev'd by Bethsoft either just published, they might be working on FO4 or ES6 as we speak.


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Well... wow... the 60s... I wonder who is left on the planet? What does the populous look like in America and other nations after the ethnic cleansings??... Are there rebels to aid our hero ala Half Life...

I wonder if they will evade all those controversial trappings and just focus on the standard war gaming.

This is cool and it was unknown to me. I like these kind of surprises.