Bethesda needs your help testing its game streaming optimization tech with Doom for iOS

Shawn Knight

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Bethesda is giving some lucky gamers the opportunity to play Doom 2016 on iOS later this year as part of a larger test for its new game streaming optimization technology.

Bethesda’s Orion is a game- and platform-agnostic tech that is said to reduce latency by as much as 20 percent per frame and decrease bandwidth requirements by up to 40 percent. The game engine-level software solution is intended to make streaming games accessible to more people, in more areas, at a higher quality.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up to participate through, the official Doom fan club. Those selected will be able to play through the entire Doom 2016 single-player campaign and arcade mode for free (sorry, multiplayer and SnapMap will not be available during the first public trial).

You’ll need an Apple device running iOS 11 or later to participate. Testing on Android and PC will take place at a later date, the publisher said in its FAQ. You’ll snag 50 Slayers Club points for registering, even if you aren’t chosen to participate in the first public trial. What’s more, your registration will be logged for future interest on other platforms.

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Fine, I got the time, how much are they paying? My normal consulting rate starts at $125/hr with a 40 hour minimum .......
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