Bethesda reveals first three 'Fallout 4' expansion packs, changes to season pass pricing

Shawn Knight

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Bethesda on Tuesday published a roadmap detailing a trio of Fallout 4 expansion packs scheduled for release in 2016.

The fun starts next month with the launch of Automatron. In this $9.99 add-on, players will be tasked with hunting down a horde of evil robots released into the Commonwealth by the mysterious Mechanist. Once decommissioned, players can harvest parts from said robots to build their own custom robot companions.

Wasteland Workshop drops in April priced at $4.99. This DLC lets players design and set cages to capture live creatures. Bethesda says the creatures can either be tamed or made to battle other creatures (virtual cockfighting?). The add-on also includes new design options for your settlements such as letter kits, neon tube lighting, taxidermy and more.

The third DLC, Far Harbor, is scheduled for May. For $24.99, players can travel off the coast of Maine to a mysterious island in search of a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Bethesda says it features the largest landmass for an add-on they've ever created and includes new settlements, faction quests, dungeons and lethal creatures. Far Harbor is also populated with new, higher-level armor and weapons which may be reason enough for some to buy in.

Bethesda notes that this is only the beginning as they have plans for additional content (more than $60 worth, we're told). The bad news? The expanded DLC plans won't come cheap as Bethesda is raising the price of the season pass from $29.99 to $49.99 on March 1. Those that have already purchased the season pass for $29.99 (or plan to do so before next month rolls around) won't incur any additional cost.

Last but not least, anyone interested in trying out the add-ons early can sign up for beta access on Bethesda's website. You'll need a registered account to participate and those that get selected will receive a code to join.

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Uncle Al

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I won't even consider any kind of expansion pack until they drop the game price down to the $30 range .....


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I won't be buying the game until I can get the complete edition for <$10 so it's no problem.

Heck, I haven't even played 3 or New Vegas yet, they're still in the backlog :)


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Preordered both game and season pass on a GMG offer, both costed as buying the game and get dlcs for free, can't say I'm dissapointed.


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Played FO4 for a few hours, and wow, what an incredibly boring game. I guess I just can't do quest games anymore. It just feels like busy work. If I wanted to feel busy I'd actually be working.


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My wife and I are currently playing through our first runs of New Vegas. Its like a brand new game for us and it cost only a couple of dollars. We plan on staying one release behind on the franchise if they keep it going. If not, we will pick up F4 when its a couple bucks. The games at that price are very rewarding and satisfying. You get your money's worth this way.