Bethesda teams with Tesla to bring 'Fallout Shelter' to your dash

Cal Jeffrey

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Musk and Howard announced a partnership that will bring Fallout Shelter to Tesla cars. Bethesda has released the title on every imaginable platform already, so why not an infotainment system?

We previously reported that Tesla was bringing a TeslAtari version of Pole Position. The company has since added Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, and Centipede to the list of games available.

The crowd was pretty enthusiastic about the announcement. Someone even shouted “Skyrim,” but Musk explained that the infotainment system is limited in its capacity for playing games as big and advanced as Skyrim.

That said, the EV magnate did demonstrate two other games that are coming to the car’s dash. One is the award-winning Cuphead with support for Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers. The other is Beach Buggy Racing 2. Like Pole Position, BBR2 can be controlled using the car’s steering wheel and brake pedal. It supports controllers and has a two-player mode.

Musk also mentioned that soon Teslas would have YouTube and Netflix support through an in-car web browser as long as the system is connected to WiFi.

Of course, for safety reasons, the car will have to be in park to participate in any of these activities. the last thing Tesla needs is lawsuits over someone getting in a wreck while playing Cuphead on autopilot.

None of the Tesla games announced during the E3 Coliseum 2019 panel have been given release dates. According to Howard, Fallout Shelter has started production. Both Cuphead and Beach Buggy Racing 2 were demonstrated in an actual Tesla, so they should be available soon.

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Nigerian Prince
Wow, so Bethesda has now found a way of charging micro transactions while behind the wheel! Move over, EA!


TS Evangelist
The end is nigh for Tesla. IMO, this is a desperate move to save themselves. If I were in the market for a Tesla, this would not add any value to the car for me. The clock is ticking towards Musk's 10-month make or break date...

I am somewhat surprised that they are making this available only when the car is parked. Tesla/Musk finally grew a brain; however, it may be far too late for them...


TS Evangelist
Yes, this is what we all need; more distractions to take the minds of drivers off the road...
This idea did not come from Musk. He is smarter and has more common sense than this. Whoever came up with this needs to be fired and fast..
Musk said on JR podcast he will be adding more games to the car because that's fun.


TS Evangelist
Really? Citation please.

Presuming you're be honest, Damn. Musk is no one's fool, WTF is he thinking?
I checked, he actually says something similar but he's all about that goofy ****, it can do a dance and whatnot, he made that "not a flamethrower" thing so that tells you he isn't always serious about things. In the podcast, they start talking about Tesla at around 00:55:16 mark and it goes on for a few minutes and he talks about adding games in the car but you can't play them while driving.