Bionicpup 8.0


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Puppy Linux, has a new version that has the utilities section with a disk format that can
format back from Ext2 to the NTFS. The .iso download from Puppy Linux can be burnt to a bootable live DVD disk. Under system, and then page down to disk format utilities.

They have a bionic puppy, that must have been assimilated by the Borg. A very advanced
distro of Linux, that is small and can make use of an old computer that cannot have a Microsoft
Windows due to the processor not being able to process. You don't need to have a noob have
anything more, else they get into hot water, and the excitement is too much for them.

To get a hard disk back to a NTFS format, try this. They have a DOS fdisk utility that would be close to Diskpart. :)