BitFenix Aegis Core Review: A MicroATX case that delivers on form and function

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Mar 12, 2015
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  1. bitfenix aegis core microatx case review

    Although we weren't impressed with BitFenix's Shinobi and Colossus cases back in 2011, the company earned our respect last summer when we used its Phenom mATX as part of our Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition Overclocking Build Guide.

    With a build quality that was noticeably better than what we had seen from BitFenix in the past, the Phenom was a seriously slick mATX case that looked great while accommodating high-end hardware. After seeing the quality BitFenix is capable of delivering, we jumped at the opportunity to test the Aegis, a new arrival with some unique features including a customizable 2.8-inch 240x320 icon display, which was first seen on the Pandora PC case.

    Gamers can also choose between red, blue, black, yellow and white colors. We'll be testing what we call the 'TechSpot blue' version, which is bright blue and solid black, though we forgive anyone for seeing it as white and gold.

    Read the complete review.

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  2. ET3D

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    I guess there's a market for nice mATX tower cases, I'm just not sure why. If someone wants a tower, why not go with something that supports full ATX?
  3. Size is everything not everyone wants a great hulking tower, and as these systems sell more to races that are smaller than yanks then pc size vs body size becomes an issue. Ergo for women and teenagers. And living rooms .
  4. madboyv1

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    Because many Full ATX cases are usually massive, both in weight and physical dimensions in comparison? Full feature mATX cases (as well as mATX motherboards) are *usually* cheaper than their ATX counterparts, sometimes by a factor of 2 or more?

    I'm still old fashioned and prefer to have an ODD, but this case looks very, very nice. if that red is as deep as it looks, it's downright gorgeous. Plus all the bonus parts they give you like the pump and res mounts... what's not to like?
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  5. Because some of us don't want to put 14 hard drives and 4 graphics cards in a PC. A single high-powered GPU, 1-2 SSDs and maybe a HDD is sufficient for most gamers, along with good cooling and reasonable sound dampening.
    This case looks excellent. I'd also like an ODD in there somewhere but I suppose an external USB one would do.

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