BitTorrent's private voice and text app Bleep now available on Windows, Mac, and Android

Himanshu Arora

TS Addict
Back in July, BitTorrent unveiled Bleep, a decentralized communication platform designed to protect user metadata and anonymity. At the time, the app worked only on Windows 7 and 8 and remained invite-only. Starting today Bleep has now been made available to all, with...

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TechSpot Paladin
I know it's in alpha but... won't all the caveats reduce the actual usage of the app? Vs shipping a fully working release.


I sometimes wonder how you get anonymity back. You have a google account, which is tied to your phone, to your payment plan, to your credit card details. You download the app. How safe are you using this app ? How good is it ?


I'd like to go ahead and remind everyone that being anonymous labels you as a terrorist in the US.

So by using this app...well you know the drill.