Back in July, BitTorrent unveiled Bleep, a decentralized communication platform designed to protect user metadata and anonymity. At the time, the app worked only on Windows 7 and 8 and remained invite-only. Starting today Bleep has now been made available to all, with new apps for Mac and Android.

Bleep allows you to import your Google address book contacts, and invite friends via email, SMS, QR code, or a public key. If you have an existing account, you can now move it to your Android device and receive inbound messages across all devices.

However, as the application is still in Alpha, there are some known issues. For example, you cannot send offline photos or group chats asynchronously, you'll need to set the app to "Wi-Fi Only" unless you have an unlimited data plan, you cannot move an existing account from Android to the desktop, and while you can receive messages on multiple devices, messages sent will not be seen across all devices.

The company claims that Bleep offers end to end encryption, and your messages are only stored locally on your device. You can also easily delete your encrypted message history, leaving no trace of the conversation behind.

You can create a Bleep account using an email or mobile phone number. There is also an option to sign up without the need to provide any personal details. You can download the open alpha here.