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Black screen after upgrade to GeForce 9500 GT: Tried everything found/knew how to do

By Dark Blue
Jul 11, 2011
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  1. Noob here.

    Sorry beforehand as I've never really used (posted on) forums, know much(if anything) about computers, and will probably need detailed walkthroughs for any help for Windows XP (please don't let this keep you from posting Dx).

    I know it's a pretty common issue with several various conclusions but as the title states, I blackscreen with my new card.

    I have a brand new and trying to install a GeForce 9500 GT

    Details for it:
    Brand JATON
    Model VIDEO-498PCI-DLP
    Form Factor Low Profile Ready
    Low Profile Bracket Included Yes Interface
    Interface PCI Chipset
    Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
    GPU GeForce 9500 GT
    Stream Processors 32 Memory
    Memory Size 1GB
    Memory Interface 128-bit
    Memory Type DDR2 3D API
    DirectX DirectX 10 Ports
    DVI 2 x DVI
    TV-Out HDTV Out General
    RAMDAC 400 MHz
    Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
    SLI Support No
    Cooler With Fan
    Operating Systems Supported Windows Vista / XP
    System Requirements Requires at least 400 Watt power supply
    Dual-Link DVI Supported Yes Packaging
    Package Contents VIDEO-498PCI-DLP
    Quick installation guide
    Low profile brackets P518
    LFH to Dual DVI adapter cable (part# CB59DVI-I2C00)
    Software and Document CD (VGA Driver & Utilities)
    Component Video + S-Video + Composite cable for TV-Out
    Everything sounds to be fine upon turning on, I hear all the fans running, usual sounds, etc... but in order, this is what I see, as specific as possible:

    -Immediatly upon turning on the computer, my monitor shows me my new graphics card's information in the top left for about 1, maybe 2 seconds.

    -Goes to the screen that says "DELL" in blue and loads up, little gray bar loading, etc.

    -Afterwards, where it usually shows Windows loading, it shows a horizontal blinking cursor in the top left and that lasts about maybe 5 or so seconds and then it's just the Black Screen (not monitor turn off/stand-by).

    (I am unable to access BIOS with my new card, If I hit F2 or F8, it will tell me it's entering the setup in the top right, but it just goes to the black screen with blink until blackscreens) (F12 if I remember correctly makes me go to this black screen that says I have keyboard failure and to hit F1 to return and F2 for something else, but it doesn't matter because neither button works and either the keyboard indeed failed or the monitor froze, or with my luck both -_-)

    I've followed the directions on the manuel, telling me to do the disable on-board in device manager, how to reinstall, and so on and so forth that I see as a common answer, but I've done that.

    -Upgraded to the latest BIOS, chipset, and patch and blankscreened.
    -Changed to a smaller resolution.
    -Pre-downloaded the installation cd and even installed the one off of Jaton's site in case that wasn't working.
    -Changed to Auto-detect in BIOS (using my old card)
    -Changed it to 60hz
    -Changed AGP Aperture to 128MB
    -Adjusted AGP Parameter
    -Put in both cards and disabled old (just forces me switch monitor to new card which is blackscreened)
    -Tried waiting a couple minutes and tapped the power button lightly to see if it was suspended (didn't think it was, especially when in BIOS it was disabled, but I tried, I've tried everything I could find or that I knew how to do (although not much >_<))
    -Different PCI slot in case one was mute
    Screwed everything in (several and) every time (use old card to try to fix things so I change it out to test the new one a lot in hopes that maybe this time it will work.
    -Opening in VGA
    -Using the adapter (unneccesary but tried anyway)

    ~I'm pretty sure (really hoping) it's not the card as the information on it flashes on the monitor very first thing.
    ~I know it's possibly my PSU, but I was told it shouldn't be a big issue, and I honestly don't think that's the problem (again, but what do i know)
    ~The graphics card is brand new.
    ~The computer is old, and was given to me free by a family friend. I know it can't do much so I just use it for school work (like Microsoft Office), watching videos/movies, or sorting through my music that I get through and store on my external hard drive as the computer doesn't even have enough memory to carry a good portion of any of my stuff.
    ~I don't use internet on it. At all. Never have. I don't even have it at home.(So, if i'm recommended to install, do anything requiring the internet, links to information/downloads would be very much appreciated)~
    ~I JUST WANT TO PLAY SIMS 3: That is the only reason I got this card. I know it's more efficient cost/and computer wise to buy a new computer, and that the one I have is crap, but please no smart remarks on how it's time for a new one, I just want this damn card to work :(
    ~If you need any other imformation at all, I will be more then happy to provide. Actually, I'll probably hit you in the face with it, but I digress...
    ~System Requirements for Sims 3 (probably unneccessary but hey)
    •2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
    •1 GB RAM
    •128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
    •The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
    •Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
    •At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games


    Specs:(Spare me if I do this wrong or don't provide enough, just ask)

    Processor Name- Intel Pentium 4
    Code Name- Northwood
    Brand ID- 9
    Package- Socket 478mPGA(or it's P6A)
    Specification- Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4CPU 2.40 GHz
    System- Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 -Service Pack 2
    -2.39GHz, 256 MB of RAM
    Motherboard Manufacturer- Dell Computer Corps
    Model- Dimension 8250
    Chipset- Intel i850E
    Southbridge- Intel 8280113(or the 13 is a B)A (ICH2)
    LPCIO- SMSC EMC27OO(or 00)P
    BIOS Brand- Dell Comp. Corps.
    Version- A01
    Date- 10/22/2002
    Memory Slot Selection:Slot#1- RDRAM
    Module Size- 128 MBytes
    Max Bandwidth Pc1066 - 32 (533MHz)
    Manufacturer- Samsung

    My old graphics card: 64 MB DDR nvidia GeForce 4MX 420

    ~Just gave you what I wrote down from CPU ID

    -By the way, in case it's not clear, the things Í've done earlier myself may've been done wrong or I forgot something specific, please feel free to point out anything/introduce new ideas and solution

    My immense appreciation in advance.

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