Black screen help for Amateur

By dara967
Dec 17, 2008
  1. Hello All! My stepsons computer went black on me! I will give you all the info I can at this piont. Its a Dell with windows xp. I clicked on ie to open web page and the page opened then immediately shut down (tried 3 times) I rebooted, here is where the problem got worse. It boots up normally, runs all the screens until it gets to the password login screen then it just stays black! Cant login, cant see the desktop or icons, cant see anything but black! The cursor stays active, you can move the cursor around the screen but nothing happens! I tried to reboot in safe mode and still nothing! I am at a loss because I cant see anything at all but the cursor.
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

  2. exbabylon

    exbabylon TS Rookie

    I manage a computer repair office and we currently have 3 computers in the office with the EXACT same problem.

    • Computer finished post fine and XP loading screen appears
      After normal time the XP loading screen goes away and it goes to a black screen with a cursor.
      Explorer does not run, nor attempt to run
      Cursor can be moved (with PS/2 NOT USB Mouse)
      Ctrl+Alt+Del does not pull up task manager in any mode
      All safe modes show "Safe Mode" in corners
      All safe modes have black screen, mouse that works
      Last known good configuration does not work
      Safe Mode with Command Prompt does not bring up command prompt
      chkdsk /r, fixmbr, fixboot have all been run from recovery console
      We received these all in within a two day period (Dec 11th - 15th)
      Two desktops, One laptop with the problem
      Two machines are SP2, one SP3
      One Windows Media Center, One XP Home and One XP Professional
      Attempted Windows Repair only to have the repair installation come back to the same black screen after CD finished copying files

    If ANYONE has any ideas I could really use your help in this matter. We could do backups and reformats but that does not SOLVE the bigger problem here.
  3. dara967

    dara967 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Im not sure if this can help you, it hasnt helped me yet! I found in my google search this website that has a few posts with our same problem...malwarebytes
    Go to forums then pc help
    look for this post....Infected with antivirus 2009, prunnet, deewoo, Cannot even log on to pc

    Scroll down to the advanced setup response.

    I was able to download the repair, but unfortunatley it was in German!

    If you can find any help let me know!

    Thank you!

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