BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Reviewed: Hot or Not?

By Julio Franco ยท 6 replies
Apr 28, 2011
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  1. The hardware on the PlayBook is really quite nice. The 7-inch size, no matter what Steve Jobs says, is very easy to hold in the hand and use while on the go. Unlike the iPad, which almost requires that you put it down in order to type on it, the PlayBook accommodates typing with two thumbs quite easily.

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  2. Why all the hate for the playbook not doing email/messaging?

    I had an android tab on demo for a month... I tried very hard to use it for everything, it even made calls & sent emails... but I still never put my blackberry in the draw and left it there. Its still the better platform for email & calls, where its let down is mainly mobile browsing, which is where the playbook comes in.

    With my work hat on, the fact that I don't need to provide access from a playbook to any internal resources is a stroke of genius from RIM. Any use who already has a blackberry can do their thing with just a generic internet only wifi connection... and still use it for a more productive email session if they need to, and I don't have to get involved, there's no activesync to worry about.

    I just have to try & be patient for its UK release now.... that's the real hard work!
  3. SSaywell

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    People are being very harsh on the PlayBook and a lot of it is unfair. The hardware is very good and the OS is very very stable, if an app goes down no need for a restart, just close the app. Yes it lacks E-Mail, but RIM have said it's coming in the next 60 days (less now) something no-one ever mentions, it's always being improved and updated.

    People talk about post-PC, and the PlayBook is compared to the iPad, you activate and update over the air unlike the iPad which you still need to sync with iTunes. So looks like RIM has the more advanced device to me. It does lack a few things but they are coming, when the 4G version comes out it should have everything and hopefully everyone will review it.
  4. Wow, it's hilarious that all these journalists seems to just write the same old stuff about why the BBPB is a bad buy and so forth. There are many of us who does not worship iToys or the widely fragmented droid (although i do have these devices). These journalists feed off the negativity and our comments about their articles. It's now boring and tiresome.
  5. Julio Franco

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    I don't think the opinions on this review are unfounded. Unless you own a Blackberry smartphone, the PlayBook at launch doesn't have basic functionality you want on a tablet. If you already have a Blackberry smartphone and swear by it though, the PlayBook is a fine companion. There are praises about its usability and OS all around.
  6. fpsgamerJR62

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    My brother-in-law is a Blackberry user and he would probably appreciate a device like the Playbook if he were in the market for a tablet. For the rest of us who don't use Blackberrys, RIM needs to pump up apps and update the device's functionality in order to complement its hardware.
  7. mario

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    "Pros: Future promises"

    I lol'd

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