'Blacklist' and 'whitelist' terms banned by UK cyber security agency for being racist

I agree that white is usually more associated with positive and black with negative things. However this has nothing to do with racism. This symbolism is wide spread (and likely linked to psychological factors that actually unite us like the day/night associations) Case in point: some tradional african art uses the same symbolism, where black represents power, evil and death and white is linked to the concept of purity, light and hope (https://pangeasculptures.com/african-art-the-symbolism-of-colour/).


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Reminds me of the schools that stopped using red ink to grade papers because students would associate "red" as being bad.

So they changed to using other colors, such as purple.

What difference does it make if you use purple or pink or orange to negatively mark a student's paper? They will eventually associate whatever color you're using as being negative.

But, then again. Kids these days in UK are actually so poorly educated that they get stressed out trying to read an analog clock - so schools there have been removing them from their buildings.

Brach Speicher

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When I think of color science, black is defined as an absence of color while white is defined as the presence of all colors. In computer science, the equivalent RGB values for black are 0, 0, 0 and for white 255, 255, 255. In other words an absence of color is black and the presence of all colors is white.

Colors in paints are made with pigments, in other words, they rely on the natural ability of materials to either absorb or reflect light. A material that absorbs all light is black, and a material that diffusely reflects all light is white. White pigment, for example, Ti02 (titanium dioxide) Black - carbon.
So you're aware there are two types of color- additive color and subtractive color. QuantumPhysics is complaining that subtractive color isn't color, and seems to be quite ignorant of that.