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"Blackscreen" on startup (before BIOS)

By Xcyther ยท 4 replies
Oct 1, 2010
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  1. I have read a previous thread, with some people having what may seem exactly the same problem as I am. (I cant give u guys the exact link as this is my first post, apparently i need 5 posts to insert links :?) Although there hasn't been a solution for the described problem

    I am, however, more familiar with computers than problemman1225 as I am studying BscIT at the moment. This problem started after i cleaned my computer, removed all the dust inside, ect.

    Before this all happened, my computer would just restart at random times, but I didn't think it was too serious. Im just mentioning this because it might have damaged something on the motherboard..?

    Ok, the symptoms are as follow:
    • My computer DOES go on, the light on both the DVD roms are on
    • All the fans, including the side-panel, CPU, and power supply fans are working properly
    • There is no beeping sound when i turn my computer on
    • When I remove my RAM, there are several beeping sounds
    • The computer doesn't go into the BIOS even, just starts up with a black screen
    • I tried booting from a Windows XP disc, but cant access the boot order in the BIOS

    Oddly enough, after this happened with my PC, the same thing happened with my brother's PC. I needed his PC to do my work on, but as I was working, the PC stopped to respond, I restarted (With reset button) and *bang*, same thing.

    I did however put my graphics card into his PC after mine 'broke', don't know if it might have caused some problems.

    One last mentionable thing: I am using Windows 7, and my brother Windows XP. I think my problem was described clearly enough :)

    Any help, PLEASE will be GREATLY appreciated as i REALLY need my computer for programming, ect.. Thanx :)
  2. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,634   +98

    Did you took out the motherboard from casing, cleaned it, and then installed it again? If so ensure that nothing is shorting it out.

    Take out the RAM modules and clean them with an eraser before putting them back on the motherboard.

    Ensure that all cables are correctly placed in their connecting sockets etc.

    What is complete specs of your system(s)?
  3. Xcyther

    Xcyther TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Firstly, thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate it! Ok, I cleaned my motherboard again, this time really thorough... I cleaned my RAM modules with an eraser and it worked really well. My PC is up and running now, was propably dust somewhere.. But, I did the same thing with my brother's PC and there's still no responce..

    The thing is, when I remove his RAM modules from the motherboard there's no beeping sound whatsoever.. It looks like this could be permanent damage...?

    Oh and the specs, I'm not really sure what he's got in there, just know its a PCI express motherboard with
    2GB DDR2 RAM (2 Modules)
    160GB SATA HDD
    (some weak Geforce graphics card, think 6800?)
    3 Ghz dual core AMD processor

    Once again, I really appreciate the help! :D
  4. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,634   +98

    If there is no beep when you take out the RAM, probability is there may be some issue with motherboard. If there is a good technician nearby, can you take this system to their shop?
  5. Xcyther

    Xcyther TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea it's an old motherboard as well so i guess it was its time haha.. But thanks alot ill take it to a computer shop and hear what they have to say.. Once again, thanks for ur help!

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