Blue screen of death, google redirect, I think I have a virus

By lnatx
Jul 13, 2009
  1. I've been getting a bunch of error messages, and when I search on google it takes me to a different page. Also, whenever I start my computer I get a blue screen saying there is something wrong. Sometimes it just randomly shuts down! I don't know what to do! Please help!!

    I did a hijackthis scan and have attached my logfile
  2. sockmuncher

    sockmuncher TS Rookie

    it could be any number of things all together really, it might help to know what o.s. your on.

    if i were you (assuming that your on winxp pro) i would hover over my computer with cursor, right click and go to properties, click on the advanced tab go down to the box that says Startup and Recovery and click on settings. in there UNcheck the box that says "Automaticly restart". i dont know why it does this, you can have a brand new machine with winxp and 15 minutes after first boot it will just restarts on you.

    then i would download a prog called memtest and put it onto a bootable disk or cd and see if you have any bad memory in there.

    then i would pick up the Trend Micro software that i think you might be using and throw it out of a window and run AVG. i had to deal with the T.M. BS for two years before i finally switched.

    then dl and run a prog called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. then dl and run a prog called SUPERAntiSpyware, both very small files. some virus can not be removed in safe mode.

    if this does not help at all then i would be screwed and would format.
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