Blue Screen of death

By Tommass
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Hi
    Heres the problem, i get to the windows loading screen (the one with the bar that goes back and forth) and it goes for a few seconds then flashes blue really fast and reloads again, ive tried booting into safe mode and last know good config both had the same resuslt.
  2. Route44

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    I have had this issue with corrupted memory. Go to and create either a floppy or CD with this test. Boot up your PC and enter the BIOS and place as first bootable which ever you are going to use. If floppy put floppy drive as first bootable; if CD then place your CD drive as first bootable.

    Reboot with the disk already in the drive. The test will take over before the Windows loading screen.

    If you have any errors you have to replace your bad RAM. Also, with errors it means you must test every stick.

    * Keep in mind that this test takes a long time with a minimum of 7 passes as the rule. There are 8 individual tests per PASS.
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