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Blue Screen

By wingnut13 ยท 5 replies
May 22, 2008
  1. Hey everyone, i have a Dell laptop with Windows XP Home on it and i keep getting blue screen errors that cause me to reboot. I reformatted the drive to no prevail, updated all my drivers, ran hard drive and memory diagnostics and still nothing. It doesnt do it at any certian time and im always doing something differnt so i cant tell if its a certian program. What do you all think? Thanks.
  2. Zsj

    Zsj TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Hello Wingnut13,
    look for a Mini Dump file, usaly located C:\WINDOWS\Minidump
    Compress them into a .rar file, and post them here.
    I will have a look at them and reply as to what might have caused your BSOD.

    Regard's Z
  3. pioneerx01

    pioneerx01 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    I had a similar problem a year ago, on the desktop thou. I have also posted here and I have also posted minidumps files. We got to a conclusion that I have a rootkit infection, but in fact the motherboard was diagnosed as faulty. So, this might be it or not, but I have also experienced random BSOD at any given time while doing whatever. Another think that I have noticed what that the 512MB ram stick was showing up as 350MB. Any similar problem on your side?
  4. wingnut13

    wingnut13 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Here are the minidump files. I have been getting 0x08e and 0x0c2 stop errors. Thanks.
  5. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    You had one 0x50 error and these can be caused by defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

    The problem is your minidump only cited a general Windows core driver.

    You had one 0x8E error and these are almost always caused by hardware issues, but sometimes can be caused by a faulty driver. But, again, nothing specific was cited by your minidump.

    The other three were all 0xC2 which means a kernel-mode process or driver incorrectly attempted to perform memory operations. Typically, a faulty driver or buggy software causes this.

    2 of the dumps cited general core Windows drivers, but one cited TM_CFW.sys which is a driver belonging to TrendMicro's firewall.

    I suggest doing the following:

    1. Go to Dell's website and update for your particular laptop.

    2. Temporarily disable your firewall and see if it brings stability; or update your firewall..

    Keep us up-to-date.
  6. wingnut13

    wingnut13 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    I will do that. Thank you for all your help. I will let you know what happens.
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