Bluescreen after Windows XP repair

By xcap1382
Apr 30, 2011
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  1. Ok, so i don't really know why i did it exactly. i had a virus, cleaned it out. but everything seemed to run sluggish. i ended up trying to repair windows through the winnt file, i found my product ID and stuff 1st. it repaired and when windows starts up it says i need to activate windows. i click yes and it goes to a blue screen. i hear the start up noise but nothing comes up. safe mode loads up with the start menu and everything else. i dont know what to do from there
  2. Bobbye

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    xcap1382> Please note- since you have mentioned doing a repair and are now seeking help for the BSOD, I have closed your thread in the Virus & Malware forum:

    If you find you need malware help, since you did not run the preliminary scans, please start a new thread in the V&M forum, describing the problem, then stick to one forum to help resolve it.
  3. xcap1382

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    yeah its a whole different problem, i just wanted a fresh install of xp. the one on the C: drive still blue screens. the xp on the D: drive works, but i cant get online to get drivers and i dont know what to do with them anyway, any help would be great.
    what i want is to format the whole laptop (eee pc 1000h) and start fresh. can i even do that at this point?

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