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Book publishers reach $69M settlement in e-book price-fixing case

By Shawn Knight ยท 6 replies
Aug 31, 2012
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  1. Three book publishers have agreed to an anti-trust settlement that will see them collectively pay more than $69 million in order to resolve charges that they collaborated with Apple to raise the prices of digitally-distributed books. Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins...

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  2. Tygerstrike

    Tygerstrike TS Enthusiast Posts: 827   +93

    Yep we knew Apple was evil. Old news. Good news is that every person who has purchased a online book will prolly be getting a few free ones. A bonus for consumers. Its unfortunate that Apple had to go and try and change the capitalistic system that the US runs on. Im guessing tho that Apple isnt going to be as fazed by this as most would think. They are still riding the Samsung Gravy Train.
  3. So... YOU get sued for selling at a price that YOU decide for YOUR product? odd... if I make something, I damn well will sell it for whatever price I want, if you don't like my price, too bad, then don't buy it.
  4. There is no gravy train as the US Samsung case will likely be thrown out due to the jury being, well *****s. Apple hasnt collected any money and lets not forget that this was only for the US, and things in Europe are very different for Apple.
    In the end even if Samsung loses the US case, they still made more money than what the jury awarded Apple and Samsung has become even more popular. Also Samsung still makes alot of parts for the iPad and iPhones(the deal is worth Billions). No matter what happens, Samsung still comes out on top.
  5. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,875   +1,206

    You missed this part. "With an agreement with Apple, publishers were able to force other retailers into a similar deal or threaten to pull their catalogs"
  6. Tygerstrike

    Tygerstrike TS Enthusiast Posts: 827   +93

    @ 2nd Guest.
    Its enough of a boost to Apple that they immediatly went and filed to have specific Samsung phones banned. Altho the ruling is for a monetary sum and only for patent infringment, Apple used that ruling to try and gut Samsung. Half of the devices that Apple had listed are old phones. Very 2010. They were hot in 2010 and 2011 but not now.
  7. $69M? Publishers don't care, especially if that is a collective amount.

    But the underlying problem: how much of this goes to the consumers? None! I'm thankful we at least have antitrust, but there are still some serious issues.

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