Boost your laptop productivity by adding a portable second monitor for less than $200

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If you’re scrambling to create a makeshift office in your home, you’re not alone. Working from a laptop can be helped on a number of ways, but adding a secondary monitor will make your work life easier and instantly more productive.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Pro is a 12.5" portable dual monitor that allows you to utilize a second screen in any environment for just $249.99. Actually, for the next few days, use coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout to get the Duex Pro for just $179.35.

The Duex Pro sports a 1080p resolution IPS panel with anti-glare coating, ideal for attaching to your laptop. It is compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, Windows, Mac and Chromebook laptops. It's a compact and lightweight display which can be coupled with your mobile workstation with ease and add less than 2 pounds to the overall package.

Doubling your screen real estate will allow for more seamless multitasking, or using the 180-degree presentation mode for when you need to share something in your screen.

You can grab the Mobile Pixels Duex Pro from the TechSpot Store for just $179.35 today. Use the coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO to get it for that price ($80 off the regular price). It's also available on Amazon for $259, originally an IndieGoGo project. It's been available since last year with very positive user reviews so far.

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I think regular portable monitors are better, as they offer less compromise in terms of the spec, and also cheaper at the same time.

Here's one example: Portable Monitor