Boot Failure

By Mrd779
Feb 24, 2009
  1. Hi my name is matt and I am having a problem with my laptop. I have a compaq presarrio 2200 and I recently incured a problem. My computer was running so slow so i decided to wipe it clean a reboot it. So I did just that I wiped it clean. Then when I went to reboot it is when the problems started. First the drivers cd wouldnt load so I contacted compaq and they provided me with a list of drivers. I picked the ones I needed. Everything was fine until I turned my computer back on about 6 hours later. It worked for about 35 minutes then went to a blue error screen. I shut it down and when I started it back up it wouldnt boot. It kept going to a screen the just keep reproducing the same message. This is the Message

    Intel unDI, Pxe-2.0 (build 082)
    Copyright (c) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
    Realtek RTL8139(x)/8130/810x
    PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326)
    PXE-e61: media test failure, check cable
    PXE-mof: exiting PXE rom

    I treid to put the reboot cd in to see if i could just wipe it clean and start over but it just brings me to the menu where i can change the boot order and all that. What can I do to fix this without having to take it to a professional and get charged to much.
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