Boot problems after trying to upgrade RAM

By Coughing
Dec 17, 2011
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  1. I bought 8 gigs of ddr 3 ram after scanning my computer on to find the right kind. After installing i tried to boot the computer but it would only turn on all the fans would run and after maybe 25 or 30 seconds it would shut off and then turn back on and repeat. I tried with just the new ram same thing. Then I put the old ram back in same result. I have no clue what could be causing the issue I built the PC in may and have not had a bit of a problem till now. Any help that can be given would be much appreciated.
  2. PandoraProxy

    PandoraProxy TS Rookie

    If your computer won't boot that means you've either exceeded the speed or size limits of your motherboard memory controllers. If your computer is given memory that is either too vast or too fast for the motherboard, it won't know how to use it and will cease to boot. Try looking up the actual info about your motherboard's model instead of trusting some scan to see what is compatible.

    If your computer wont boot at all even with your old RAM, then you should try completely shutting off the computer, unplug the power and insert no more than 2 gigs of compatible ram in one slot or the other so windows can at least load up, and go by trial and error to see what is causing the problem, its either the stick or the port.

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