Boot to chkdsk screen and reboot

By pblock
Jan 29, 2009
  1. greetings to all
    I am new to this forum but have been trying to match my problem to others to no avail.
    My computer is about a year old now. At first it would shut down if I left it idleing or when I had loged off and came back the next day. Each time it would reboot and all would be fine. After about two weeks of this it started shutting down part way through
    the boot. At this piont I checked my PSU volts. During boot the 5 volt buss read 4.90 -
    4.91 and would drop to 4.88v and shut down. I replaced the PSU with a Ultra 450W.
    After installing the new PSU the computer boots to the checkdisk screen and reboots.
    It continues this until the power is turned off. I also tried doing a recovery repair with the Windows disc with no luck.. I am now waiting for the arrivel of a new harddrive. Any help would be greatly apreciated
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