Boot to Gecko renamed Firefox OS, first handsets arriving in 2013


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Mozilla is moving ahead with its mobile ambitions, announcing today that it is renaming Boot to Gecko as Firefox OS, while touting support from major carriers worldwide as well as a couple of device manufacturers.

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Wow, how incredibly lame - you need a magnifying glass to actually be able to navigate through the menus and everything is so sluggish on one of the most powerful handsets in existence ... One can only wonder how pathetic it's going to be on cheaper phones with smaller screens and weaker CPU ...


^Clearly you didn't listen to the video. It says the OS is still in development, and not the final product.


ur obviously suffering from some sort of deficiency,.. as pointed out by guest2,

how responsive do u think Android was during development stage & IOS for that matter?,..
now after many years and revisions later of development, u have these two mobile phone platforms which have become decent and responsive and still improved upon to date.

given time this competitor may very well one day become a rival to these two OS's (Android & IOS)

please in the future refrain from being so narrow minded

ZED ;)