Bose's $250 Sleepbuds go on sale


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An Indiegogo campaign last year showed that people were definitely interested in Bose’s Sleepbuds. They sold out in six days and almost 3,000 backers raised over $450,000, smashing the $50,000 goal. That success meant that Bose has now made them available from its stores,, and other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Bose says the noise-blocking technology used in these buds is better than active noise cancellation. They might not be able to stream your favorite Spotify tracks, which would have cut down the 16-hour battery life, but they do come with 10 preloaded white noise sleeptracks—some for noise masking and some for relaxation. They feature sounds such as running streams and wind, as well as urban white noises like traffic and dehumidifiers. Bose says more audio tracks will be added at a later date.

“By adjusting the volume [using the sleep app], you can balance how loud you want the soothing sound to play with how undetectable you’d like the offending noise to be,” writes Bose.

Weighing only 1.4 grams measuring just over 1 cm in width and height, Bose says the Sleepbuds are the smallest product it has ever made. Their minuscule size means they should sit comfortably be in your ears, allowing you to fall asleep without even feeling their presence.

Other features include the ability to set an alarm and an aluminum charging case that holds an extra 16 hours of power. While $250 is a lot of money for headphones that can’t play music, they could be a dream product for those who have trouble falling asleep.

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My ears are hurting just looking at them. I'll stick with my white noise generator.

The reviews have been very positive and being Bose hopefully means great quality as well.

Might be my new travel ones


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If you can just meditate 10 minutes before you go to sleep you can block all external factors mentally whether being noise or light. You won't need an eye mask or ear plugs such as these! Save 250 bucks!


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Aldous Huxley predicted something on this order in his epic novel, "Brave New World".

"Hypnopeadia" was what he called it. The concept was to drill class conscientiousness into the population's head as they slept. In this case, class conscience gets gets drilled into your head by virtue of the elitist trademark product being rammed into your skull..

I eagerly look forward to Bose's "Mark II" iteration.

Me, you ask? I think I'll just close the windows and crank up the air conditioner on the hot days, and buy a relaxation fountain for about a quarter of the price for the cold ones.. For you Bose corporation...>.:p Spare me.