Box office earned more than DVD, Blu-ray films in 2009

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. Based on data from Adams Media Research, 2009 was the first year since 2002 that people in the US spent more money on movie tickets than buying films to watch at home. Last year, US consumers spent $9.87 billion at the box office, 10% more than 2008, and film disc sales slipped 13% to $8.73 billion from $10.06 billion in 2008.

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  2. Timonius

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    Nothing really beats the movie theatre experience unless you have 10's of thousands of dollars to spend on an ultra cool home theatre setup. But then if you factor in the rise of 3D movies and one can quickly figure out why movie ticket sales are still going strong.
  3. TomSEA

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    Netflix had 1.22 billion in income for the first 9 months of 2009 (an estimated 1.63 billion for the year). Add that to the 8.73 billion in DVD sales for $10.36 billion and there's your difference in sales from the year before.

    I also think that people were at a cross-roads in buying DVD's due to Blu-Ray players and discs finally becoming affordable and people were holding off on DVD purchases until they could get a Blu-Ray rig. At the beginning of last year Blu-Ray players were $300-$400. Now I've seen them for $89. Same thing with Blu-Ray discs. Wally's-Mart and Amazon had a major war going on in discounting Blu-Ray DVD's over the holidays, selling some for as low as $8.99.

    Going to the movies will always be popular, but I think you'll see an increase in DVD sales now that more people are jumping on the Blu-Ray bandwagon.
  4. red1776

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    I have read surveys that demonstrate that people tend to favor going to the movies, and spend more of their diminished disposable income on seeing movies in the theater during a depressed economy.

    ....oh need to thank me and my wealth of useless trivia :p
  5. compdata

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    I have seen the studies to. I just find it hard to follow that people would rather spend $10-15 on a movie ticked when they can buy the movie out right for that or rent it for $1 from redbox. I guess Hollywood knows how to capitalize on instant gratification and escapism. I for one have been spending a few $ on some blue ray movies (mostly paying a couple extra $ to get the ones with DVD format as well) this year. I think i will probably continue this trend now that i have a blue ray capable laptop and decent 24" monitor to watch on.
  6. red1776

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  7. captaincranky

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    It's actually a triple dose of "suspension of disbelief".

    The first dose being the people not believing that they really don't actually have the money to go to the theater in the first place, then of course Hollywood takes it from there for dose two, Dose three comes when they don't believe they spent the money they needed for their mortgage to pay for seeing such a crappy film in the first place. Ah, it's another vignette from the circle of life in the state of denial.
  8. red1776

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    you are forgetting the 'fourth dose' being the variation of 'pull my finger' when they ask the woman next to them to reach into the popcorn box on their lap with the hole in the bottom!
  9. captaincranky

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    What film was running when this happened, "Debbie does the 300", or perhaps, " My little Transformer Too, Revenge of the Flaccid"?
  10. TorturedChaos

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    I only went to the movies maybe 8-10 times total all of last year. Only bought maybe 3 movies on DVD. I don't contribute much to those statistics :p.

    It has to be something pretty good to get me into the theaters, and even then I rarely go outside of Matinee times - making it only $6.25 a ticket :p
  11. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    No. was during a double feature of 'Mr Holland Groped us' and Hansel and Re-Gretel.
  12. Richy2k9

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    hello ...

    since i taste blu-ray i find it hard to purchase a DVD. I still go to the theaters for movies that are worth it & even buy the blu-ray when it's released so i pay twice for the same thing. i already have a big DVD collection that i will not replace & my Blu-ray one is starting to be interesting, with a few gems ;) ... OMG i need to earn & spare more money!

    with the drop in price of blu-ray, it's sure it will gain some momentum soon.

    the experience at the theater is unique so i understand why people still go for it. DVD has still some years, some hybrid disk would win the day & soon they all will co-exist (DVD/BD/VOD) ;)

  13. So much for the RIAA and its zealous pursuit of torrent web.
  14. Streaming movie services like Netflix and Hulu were apparently ignored in these stats.

    People bought less DVD because they watch streaming movies, not because they're visiting the theater more.
  15. captaincranky

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    Hot "Buttered" the "Trans"-America Movie House....

    No, no actually that was George Michael in "Hands Still...and I have no interest Whatsoever in Gretel"!
  16. Tedster

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    me too. And I refuse to spend more than $20 for a DVD or blueray.
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